Welcome to AERA's Graduate Student Council Wiki 2012

We are the Hospitality Committee of the Graduate Student Council! Our goal is to help you navigate the 2012 AERA Annual Conference in Vancouver, Canada. Please help us make this a collaborative community by joining the Wiki and helping us keep the information as useful and relevant as possible.

Some suggestions for where we would love your help and input:
  • Still looking for Housing Options? Look at our Roommate Ads and Alternative Housing pages. Need a Roommate? Post an Ad.
  • Have some inside knowledge of Vancouver? Know the housing options available, things to do in Vancouver?
  • Need a ride or someone to share the cost of gas? Post an ad to the Carpooling page.
  • Are you an old-timer? Do you have some tips for first-timers on how to survive their first conference? Share these on our Tips page.
  • Want to advertise your session?

We also have included various resources to help you navigate the conference. Keep checking back for more updates. We hope this wiki will be a valuable resource in helping you prepare for the 2012 Annual Meeting of AERA. If you have any questions, please contact us using the Discussion Forum Link at the right of this page.

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,

The 2012 AERA GSC Hospitality Committee.


Cecilia Henríquez Fernández

Hospitality Chair &
Community Leader

Nicholas Hartlep


Angela Hines

Web Secretary

  • The resources found on this site have been obtained from various sources. AERA GSC does not endorse any of the specific resources; we are providing a format to share such resources in an effort to meet the demand of our constituents.